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Something doesn’t sound right

If you pick up the Pocket app right now, a paradigm that has bothered me to no end is the way that listening mode is handled. Like with most product issues, it’s a mix of branding, visual reinforcement and just functional flow.

iconography is key

A key change is to update the listening and reading mode iconography. By connecting the ear and the eye to each other visually, it already helps reinforce that these are modes that are different sides of the same coin. The user can expect some key changes between modes, but understands that the app as a whole won’t just be a complete 180.

Brand New

By simplifying the color palette, you can focus on the content. Especially with Pocket, there are so many colors presented from scraping content, so you have to make some starker choices. Especially action items.

The impact of brand in the current Pocket product generally is kind of swallowed up by the content and the functionality it’s attempting to bring to the front. There’s a balancing act between making the brand stand out and still presenting content as part of a cohesive visual experience.

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