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Besides inventing the Kolache Crust Pizza (RIP), Daniel is a an ethically raised, free-range seasoned designer that combines his love of illustration, technology and film to create products that enable and empower people. He has been a Graphic Designer, Creative Director and Product Designer for more than 6 years. He is currently the UI Designer for RightNow Media.

He enjoys coffee, pizza (often together) and cereal at midnight. He lives in Dallas, TX with his best friend/wife and insanely energetic little girl. Also, why are bios always written in the third person?



What makes your approach to product design unique?

I am stubbornly focused on designing for real people in a personal way. I always ask myself, "can my mom use this?"  A lot of blood, sweat and tears go into making sure that the design doesn't force users into a steep learning curve. On top of that, will they have fun? Will they be motivated or inspired?  I'm super opinionated about aesthetics because visual flavor and identity matter more than ever in an industry becoming increasingly homogenous and sterile. Design has to be uncompromisingly functional, but visually remarkable. You can get a feel for my aesthetics in the lab.

What software do you/can you use?

I'm always testing new software (I review them pretty regularly) but I mostly use Sketch and the Adobe Suite.  

Do you work well with developers? 

Yup- devs bring out the best in my design and vice-versa.  I'm always teaming up with one or more devs to hammer out products. I am also fluent in dev-speak. 

Who took your picture for the front page?

Homeboy at SOHOSTORY. He has a really inspirational story about how he became a photographer btw.

Did you really invent the Kolache Crust Pizza?

Yes, that glorious dream of a pizza was my idea. The Hut has people everywhere, so I'll have to tell you about it in person.